What is N1996


Lately we have noticed that many our customers were coming to our sites looking for N1996. At first we were also wondering why. So we did Googling, yes, we finally got what they were looking for. They are looking for the motherboards' model names. Well, we guess that the text printed on the boards to cause this misunderstanding.

Now we have to explain what this printed text means. Check the following pictures, you can see A, B, C text. A is so-called N1996, which is not a model number but a designation of conformity (ACA supplier code), while many customers thought it is the model name but definitely not. B is what we called marketing name, which is always printed on the box cover. C is model name, which is usually used for the BIOS update only, no other special purposes. So, now you can stop searching for N1996 any more, for you won't get any other information about this on our sites.


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